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By your loving mod/creator/admin, lauta.

Testing domain-thingy

By, lauta. [3,9, 2020]

So I am testing a thingy called... "Heliohost." I've seen a textboard (Sonzonshinai World) use it so i want to try. It supports, Perl, Ruby, and PHP! Well, I am sure happy. I've set a timer for myself to go back to that web tab!

Maybe I will advertise 911ch? (When it's done of course.)

By, lauta. [3,7,2020]

Imageboards are so overrated. Literally, everyone knows 4chan and like 8chan, and 7chan. But why not a textboard? I also wonder, how come Textboards are literally underrated outside Japan. I guess my ultimate goal for 911ch is to make more textboards gain more significance and make both Imageboards and Textboards popular.

Oh, how I wish Textboards are popular, it's sad that people in Textboards think that their boards will die in a few years, but, I HAVE HOPE! I, Lauta, will make Textboards popular, just how 4chan made Imageboards popular and make Textboards not that controversial. (Unlike Imageboards.)

My Steps to Make Textboards Great Again. (no i don't support pmurt dlanod.)

Things may go planned! I tried making a twitter account before and well, THEY ASKED ME FOR MY PHONE NUMBER WHEN I JUST MADE ONE. Like, so unfair, what did I do to deserve a "punishment" as stupid and worthless as that. Sigh, maybe a Tumblr, Reddit, or something for exchange account. Fuck Twitter and their diabolical shit. No wonder Twitter is bad for discussion, the Verified symbol, the Unverified people, and "#WhoEverHasTheVerifiedSymbolWins".